Video Confidence Bootcamp


video confidence bootcamp

Are you letting fear hold you back from growing your business?

Does the thought of seeing yourself on video or doing Facebook Live make you curl up in a ball in the corner?

Maybe it gets so bad that you feel like you are in physical danger, or even teary.

The fear of criticism is one of the greatest fears we have in business. What we perceive others might think of us can sometimes paralyse us. Rob us of our spark and our mojo.

If you're tired of letting it get the better of you and want to know how to create fabulous videos and Facebook Live then you're in the right place.

The Video Confidence Bootcamp is for all women in business who want to grow their visibility and work on their confidence to create content to share on social media, website and more.

Here's what I believe

You have a unique and important message to share and you've been letting fear hold you back. Fear of feeling or looking silly, or worse.

Fear of what others might say. You might be your own worst critic and that's what's stopping you.

You might be your own worst critic and that's what's stopping you.

Whatever the reason, I can help.

I go through specific confidence building techniques with you, related specifically to video and Facebook Live.

What the Video Confidence Bootcamp is all about

You'll learn the mechanics of creating short simple videos so you can build the confidence to let people get to know, like and trust you. Grow your business and your bottom line by giving your potential clients the answers to the questions they have that you can answer.

Overcome the fear that's holding you back by putting simple actions in place each time you feel that fear take hold.

What others have said.

It's important that you know I work with everyday women in business, just like you. Who were feeling unconfident and nervous as hell when they first met me.

Here's something from a recent member of the Video Confidence Bootcamp.

I just did a Video Challenge with Jenny De Lacy, and it was by far the most beneficial challenge I have EVER been in. I have been doing videos myself for about 8 months and doing a pretty average job of it, I have not been getting many views on Facebook or much interaction. The first video I did in Jenny’s challenge I sold out an event in 3 days of posting the video! That instantly demonstrated the impact this challenge has had.

I am feeling more confident, I have more tips for creating the looks I want and am implementing so much of what Jenny shared with me to save so much time in the video process. If you are serious about getting better results with your video marketing I highly encourage you to join Jenny’s Challenge.
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